They Say

We are more than just a choir! See comments from our members below

‘The opportunity to spend time with a diverse group of people all sharing a passion for music and song is both rewarding and more importantly great fun!’
Glenys Cripwell Soprano

I joined the choir a few months after it was set up.  At the time I was spending a great deal of time taking my children to music and performing arts activities and I realised that I was quietly jealous of the opportunities and fun they were having.  I had been involved with choirs, brass bands and orchestras in my own youth and I was so glad to find such a convenient and fun opportunity to return to making music.
Jess Long Alto

Before moving to Melbourne in 2015, I had for many years been a member of a choral society in Spalding, Lincs.  I quickly found that I missed singing in a choir and was delighted to find one here.  Although the repertoire is very different, the pleasure is the same (and so is the exhaustion at the end of the evening!).  As I move from ‘I wish I was a soprano; they have the tune’, to ‘I’m glad I’m an alto; it’s much more interesting’, the pleasure and satisfaction grow.  As an 81 year old, it is good to be in a group of people of mixed ages and I have felt accepted and welcome from the start.  I have never met such a laid-back conductor, so the evenings are (almost) stress-free.
Alison Gregory Alto

The music is varied and we are continually learning new pieces so nothing becomes stale.
Although a “village choir”, I think we are quite good and “punch above our weight” we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Practices and concerts are good fun and real friendships are made.

The free chips at the post practice event in The Hardinge are rather good.
Bryan Wolsey Tenor

Membership of Achoird taste has been my first experience of singing with a choir and definitely the first time with an audience. It was a bit of a struggle at first but I have to say it has been a totally positive experience.
We have been very lucky to have Nick and Paul to lead us and Wednesday evenings always give me a lift.
Neil Wright Bass

I wanted to engage with other musical minds, and from it came a lovely sociable atmosphere.
Graham Mason Tenor

I have always enjoyed a sing yet never thought I was good enough and could not read music.
I heard about this choir who did not ask for an audition so went along.

Initially I felt welcomed and looked after and enjoyed the music and the rehearsals.

I also felt I was learning, improving and felt uplifted each time we rehearsed.

These qualities continue and still enjoy the performances and showing off how good we are.

The variety of music and more importantly the people I sing with, love the banter and the support given to me.
Bernard Thorpe Tenor

They say singing is therapeutic I say it is joyful, great fun and I would miss it like crazy if I had to stop. I hope I can take after my sister who is still singjng with a choir at 87!!
Catherine Alberts Soprano

I moved to Melbourne from Cambridge and knew nobody in the village. The choir has been a great way to make friends with people from a range of ages and backgrounds through a shared love of singing (and laughter!)
Zoe Belshaw Alto

As a nervous late arrival to part singing, I was welcomed and encouraged by my fellow tenors to ‘have a go’. I did, and have found the discipline of practice (and more practice) and then performance both enjoyable and rewarding. And the ‘après chant’ down at the pub is very convivial!
Mark Sherwood Tenor

I like the variety of music and audience participation.